Award Winners

The Gil Smith Award - Given annually by the La Cañada Kiwanis President to the member who best exemplifies Gil Smith’s outstanding dedication to the club & its projects. 

Rookie of the Year - Given annually to a new member in recognition of enthusiastic support of Club Activities. 


President Mike Leininger awarded

Larry Dumas                    Farhad Motia

Gil Smith               Rookie of the Year


President Bob Wallace Awarded

Ken Lowe                            Maureen Bond

Gil Smith                     Rookie of the Year




President Fred Schooley awarded

Howard Backer                                  Larry Dumas 
Gil Smith Award                    Rookie of the Year   



   2014 President Tom Passanisi awarded

 Bryan Schwartz (R)              Maria Drummond (R)
Gil Smith Award 2014              Rookie of Year 2014




2013 President Jim Phillips awarded

       Melinda Thompson (R)                                Bill Koury (L)
          Gil Smith Award 2013                              Rookie of the Year  




You can find previous Rookie of the Year & Gil Smith Award Winners in our Kiwanis Blue Book