"Eliminate" Christmas Cards For Sale: 

           Eliminate Christmas Card                                   Single Gift  (inside of card)










The cards may be obtained at the following contribution levels:

        $10 Gift                      $20 Gift                    $30 Gift                   $50 Gift                 Bulk Orders
   5 women saved       10 women saved      15 women saved    25 women saved             see below


         Eliminate Christmas Card (bulk)

    We can personalize your cards - with your family
    name, your special greeting, or your company logo
    as seen at the right. 

          Minimum order      50 cards         $180

    Imagine telling your clients or your friends & family
    that your gift on their behalf has saved the lives of

           100 Mothers & their future children! 



To order cards, please send an email to Peggy Touchstone or Melinda Thompson (remember, you can send it through this site now), stating your wish to purchase cards and in what amounts.  We need it in writing in order to bill your account.