Pediatric Trauma Program

Consider this…

  • Unintentional injury is the #1 killer of children age 14 and under in the U.S.;

  • Unintentional injury kills more kids every year than any other cause – including disease, homicide and suicide;

  • Each year in the U.S., 9,000 families lose a child because of a preventable injury; and

  • Studies indicate 90% of these unintentional injuries can be prevented.

Recognizing the serious need for education and training in the areas of pediatric trauma and injury prevention, the Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation established the Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP) in 1994.

The mission of our program is simple: develop local projects, which will reduce the number of children in our three-state District who are killed or injured by trauma. Learn why injuries are no accident


Learn more about the Cal-Nev-Ha Division Foundation Pediatric Trauma Program here