Project Eliminate

         Kiwanis International's global initiative to         
Eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus worldwide

  •           We don't hear much about tetanus in the USA today, but
  •            Every 8 minutes around the world a baby dies in excruciating pain
  •           We have the vaccine to prevent it
  •            Just $1.80 can save the life of a woman and her future children! 

The members of Kiwanis clubs across the globe are striving to raise the $110 million needed to eliminate this deadly and horribly painful disease.  The vaccination is inexpensive, but getting it to women in far-flung regions of third-world countries is costly and why we have partnered with UNICEF. 

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Of 39 countries with MNT, 18 have Eliminated it - 21 remain  - and 13 countries are scheduled to begin immunization campaigns this year.  Check World Progress Map here.